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Aircraft and helicopter rental company services are;

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  • For the first time you've had experience with a helicopter ride out. And I'm very glad I can go on to fly with Betaz Aviation. Thanks..A. ÇAKIRLI
  • I've been everywhere, but maybe I love IZMIR IZMIR air and live the more beautiful because it gives the pilots and the captain to thank Betazair. F. OZKALFA
  • I knew one day I would quit the sky .. But I never thought I would be fine till here. Immortalized them in photographs. Thank Betaz Aviation Team. N. GUNTAS
Betaz Aviation and Trade Limited Company services by different capacity helicopters and planes which are helicopter rental, airplane rental, cargo helicopters, aerial photography, helicopter, video capture, capture board aircraft, aircraft exchange, flyers, brochures, rate, agricultural aircraft, agricultural spraying helicopters, helicopter, cargo transporting, offshore operations, fire-fighting helicopter VIP helicopter, air taxi, rent a helicopter, helicopter tours

Aircraft and helicopter rental company services are

  • Mi-8T, Mi-8MTV, Ka-32, Mi-26 and Bell helicopters, such as cargo and passenger capacity with various fire-fighting, passenger and freight transporting, VIP transporting, ropeway, chair lift, the GSM base station, the wind turbine assembly and disassembly, air ambulance, agriculture and urban spraying (aerial agricultural spraying), forest fire-fighting helicopters, aerial photography, search and rescue, logistics support, such as providing specific helicopter rental. Helicopter rental rates rental-type helicopter, helicopter hire and helicopter rental time taking into consideration the purpose of a block is determined on the basis of an hourly rate. Customer demand learned and selects the suitable capacity helicopter to make helicopter rental fees lower
  • Fletcher, Cessna, Piper and type of Thrush agricultural aircraft and Bell helicopters and Mi-2, such as agricultural pesticides and agricultural pesticides (agricultural aerial spraying), aerial forest spraying, Sun pest spraying, spraying rice, air, fertilizer and seed rate, cotton and olive of drugs , weed spraying, aerial agricultural spraying services offer a variety of harmful pests, such as spraying.

  • Our company has basic principles which are about agricultural pesticides are to not damage the natural balance and to not damage nature.

Our company supports for all protects such as provides expansion of organic methods and selective effect pesticides

  • The cargo planes which type are An-26 An-12 IL-76 and An-124 service block cargo transporting areas to overseas

Variety of our service for the burden weight and volume such as cargo helicopter, in other words freight transporting helicopter, is wishing to save the world from the geographical obstacle problems which are difficult to reach areas by road for the projects in locations that appear impossible to institutions and organizations.  Our heavy lift duty helicopter rental service makes your dream projects possible to solve road problems of investors, steep terrain and removing geographical barriers.  


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